About Us

Located in the heart of Toronto, Twiddler strives to help kids focus in class through the use of fidget devices. We are a family owned business run by T.R. and Em. 


The Twiddler story first started in mid-2019. One of our cofounders, T.R., enjoys experimentation. He had heard of fidget bands and how they help with focus and decided to try them for himself. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not find a fidget band that didn't break after a week. They were all flimsy, industrial, and looked like someone had taken a pair of scissors to a roll of rubber.

T.R. saw a golden opportunity to make a difference, and thus, Twiddler was born. Our company philosophy has been the same since day one: quality over everything. We tested 9 different brands of fidget bands to come up with the ideal balance between thickness, stretchiness, and durability. We tested over 7 different sources of raw latex across the world before finding the right blend. We tested over 20 different manufacturing facilities before finding the right factory.

The result is this: Twiddler fidget bands are the only high quality fidget bands on the market. In our office we keep a set of fidget bands stretched to its maximum. So far, 8 months and counting, not a single band has broke. 

The Twiddler guarantee is this: we do fidget bands, and we're darn good at it. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, we will do our best to make you satisfied. 


T.R., Em, and the Twiddler Team.